What Turnstone can do for you:


Multi-Family Office

A multi-family office provides all the professional services of a single family office but instead of serving only a single family, it serves a number of families.  Turnstone functions as a multi-family office and provide the professional services a wealthy family would expect.  These services are tailored to fit you and your family's needs


Family Business Advisory

We know that family business owners need to take a holistic view of their family especially when aligning the strategic planning of the family with that of the business. The most successful family businesses make it a priority to understand the dynamics of family relationships and to create rules that promote family identity, harmony and long-term success.



When there are international investments, Trusts play a vital role in structuring the needs of individuals and families. The Trust helps to effectively protect, grow and transition wealth. It is particularly helpful where there may be political instability in the home country. Trusts are flexible and so are essential in international and cross-border planning.



When considering facilitating a new trading activity outside of your home jurisdiction, the choice of jurisdiction is vital. We assist in the selection of the most appropriate jurisdiction, whether that is the Isle of Man, England, the British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Mauritius or elsewhere in the world. We’ll use double taxation agreements where applicable. In most circumstances using an Isle of Man company will not give rise to Isle of Man taxation. 



A Foundation can be an integral part of a well-managed family structure. It provides the flexibility and privacy of a Trust while giving perpetual longevity and the benefits that come with ownership and management of a Company.


Turnstone is part of the International Practice Group. The Group enables Turnstone to access professional service across the world.  For more information, please click here.


We care about supporting you and your family. Let’s face the challenges together over the coming generations and, more specifically, let us prepare for the changes that will need to take place – ensuring the legacy continues.

On successful business families: "Because these families recognize their true wealth in the human and social capital they accumulates, they have taken active steps to cultivate and grow that capital, through communication, education, and clear methods of decision-making or governance."
- Good Fortune: Building a hundred year family enterprise. Dennis Jaffe 

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