Our History

Our family history is marked by decisive moments that led us to where we are today.

1151: Werner and Heinrich von Dölberg, our forefathers, were witnesses to a document signed by Bishop Werner of the Munster Monastery.

Late 14th – 17th Century: Records exist that the von Volenspit Dölberg family were nobles and owned Dölberg House in the region of Nordlunern. This house remained in the family until the mid-sixteenth century when it was sold by Friedrich von Suythusen (aka Dölberg) as a consequence of the Thirty Year War.

Late 18th Century: In the following years, members of the Dölberg family worked in textiles as well as the medical, teaching, auditing and banking professions. During this period Wilhelm Franz Heinrich Dölberg grew to particular prominence as a controller of state treasuries and securities in Berlin.

1907: Six years after being invested to the Order of the Red Eagle, Wilhelm Franz Heinrich Dölberg was appointed to the Geheimrat, which is similar to the Privy Council in England, by the King of Prussia, Kaiser Wilhelm II.

1999: Heinrich and Roelf Odendaal, two of Wilhelm Franz Heinrich Dölberg’s great-grandsons, established Turnstone in Mauritius with the goal of offering specialised fiduciary services across the globe.

2005: Turnstone (Isle of Man) Limited was established in the Isle of Man where it is licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Service Authority as a trust and company service provider. It focused on private wealth succession planning.

2020: The multi-family office concept was introduced to assist families secure their legacy for future generations. Turnstone became a market leader in the Isle of Man as a skilled multi-family office.

Today: Turnstone guides families to achieve their own multi-generational legacies.




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