Our approach is unique in that we take a holistic view of your family in the belief that it cannot be separated completely from ownership of the business/investments. A fine balance is needed between these elements to achieve our aim of maintaining equilibrium over generations.

 Turnstone assists in helping your family to crystallise its identity, and ensuring that it is firmly defined and used to guide your family in business decisions and governance.  All aspects of our assistance are aimed at keeping your family together over generations by implementing measures that promote communication, governance and transparency.

How your family can benefit from our knowledge and skills:

We can help to clarify the way your family manages itself, and assist family members to appreciate ownership and business structures within the context of your family’s identity.

  • We put in place measures that reduce risks associated with your business/investments. These measures are based on the unique circumstances of your family and the needs of the business.
  • Costs are better managed in that your family benefits from an established structure that already provides similar services to other families.
  • There is ongoing contact between the ownership structure and your family. The beneficiaries thus feel they are part of the structure and have greater appreciation of their rightful places.
  • Your family’s affairs are better organised and communication with the business is more effective.
  • Your family’s risks are better managed.
  • Because we believe that understanding where family comes from and being nostalgic about the past contributes to family identity, we will provide guidance on how each member of your family can have the opportunity to contribute to its vision, mission and goals.
  • The wellbeing of your family takes centre stage. It is not only about wealth but about family culture, unity and legacy.
  • Our services will give comfort to your family that the assets will be able to provide across generations, while they focus on building the family identity and achieving its vision.
  • Your family members are part of something greater than any individual. They are part of the legacy the wealth creator created for them and within which every family member has the opportunity to make a valuable contribution.

Our vision is to see your family succeed as you build and maintain your legacy.

We establish and grow strong relationships with our clients, look at problems and challenges entrepreneurially. We seek solutions that makes the most of every opportunity.

"Family-owned or -controlled businesses plays a key role in the global economy.  They account for an estimated 80% of companies worldwide and are the largest source of long-term employment in most countries."

- Leadership Lessons from Great Family Businesses, www.hbr.org

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