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Introducing Turnstone

Turnstone’s vision is to assist families to succeed over generations – truly building legacies.

We use companies, trusts and foundations to ensure your family’s wealth is protected - but that is just the starting point. Your family’s wealth is planned and structured to withstand the test of time over generations, and our aim is to ensure that the chosen vehicles (companies, trusts and foundations) complement the vision, goals and principles of your family. Put simply, your family identity is at the core of our planning.

We are ideally positioned and highly experienced in working with clients from all walks of life, from well-established family offices to young entrepreneurs starting to build their legacies. As we are relationship-driven, we prioritise getting to know our clients and their families to ensure we fully understand their specific visions. We spend time with our client families, getting to know them better and verifying our understanding of their needs.

We have operated from the Isle of Man since 2005 and have always been independent. We receive feedback that we are good at what we do, and to maintain this status we keep on improving. We add to our skills base by bringing in outside expertise when needed to ensure we have the appropriate skills and advice to meet any particular needs.

We look forward to helping you to build and secure your family’s legacy, and to protecting your wealth to build an ideal environment in which your family can flourish.



Who We Are

Turnstone is an international multi-family office, and through our network we are able to advise families worldwide. Some of our network of preferred service providers focus specifically on Ireland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

For families who wish to maintain and build their wealth over multiple generations and in multiple counties, the Group offers:

  • Finance and cash management for the business and individuals in the family.
  • General legal assistance, including compliance and anti-money laundering processes and procedures.
  • Advisory and investment services for both the business and individuals in the family.
  • Fiduciary services, such as the management of trusts, companies and foundations. 
  • Family and Corporate governance



Why Choose Us

Turnstone is the preferred choice for multi-generational families who wish to keep their families together and avoid being torn apart by their wealth. The strong bonds we build with clients engenders trust and comfortable relationships.  We have been serving families for more than 20 years and have built up our reputation based on our skills, entrepreneurship and dedication. 

"Stewardship implies a long-term view and looks at inherited wealth as something to be treasured and preserved, in real terms, for future generations of family. A sense of stewardship is a powerful motivator, in the first place, not to destroy the financial and philosophical legacy of the founder and, second and ideally, to extend the reach of these resources into the modern day. We are going to talk extensively” 

Joachim Schwass, Wise Wealth: Creating It, Managing It, Preserving It.  

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